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Comparing conservatives to Leftists

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United States
05/22/2022 02:25 PM
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Comparing conservatives to Leftists
Conservatives are individualists and this is both a strength because their desires and motivations are the pursuit of personal freedoms and happiness that benefits everyone and the greater good, but it's also a weakness for enemies to exploit because individualism means they are not all agreed on everything and therefore struggle to become organized against their enemies.

Leftists (it's a misnomer and a lying joke how they call themselves "liberals") on the other hand, although their main motivations are purely laziness, selfishness, dependence on others, cowardliness, and only caring about their own needs being met by taking, robbing from and forcing others to pay for and meet their needs. Yet in order to sooth their cognitive dissonance, their feelings of guilt, and to justify their selfish actions they will deny their conscience to fully embrace all the Democratic Party ideologies that serves their co-dependent needs. This makes them easily influenced and brain washable, and easy to radicalize and organized against conservatives.

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