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Crossing The Rubicon: Breaking The Fake News Trance

.---Neil Kramer--.
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03/04/2008 12:59 PM
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Crossing The Rubicon: Breaking The Fake News Trance
The phrase ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ is a metaphor for proceeding past a point of no return. It originates from 49 BC when Julius Caesar directed his legions south across the river Rubicon (a traditional barrier between the Roman province of ‘Cisalpine Gaul’ and Italy proper) towards ancient Rome in defiance of the Roman Senate. Upon crossing the river, Caesar is reported to have shouted "Alea iacta est" ... the die is cast!

In terms of the awakening process, Crossing the Rubicon is a key revelatory stage when you realize, beyond any doubt, that the government is NOT your friend. The stark recognition that you have been living in a false paradigm created by someone else begins to sink in. It is here, at this bleak philosophical crossroads, where most people experience such a disturbing degree of cognitive dissonance, that they instinctively turn back. Too much to process and the implications are huge. So even knowing that there is a greater truth on the horizon, they choose instead to return to the Control System, to the Village, with all its securities and comfortable certainties.

“You know, I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? [Takes a bite of steak]. Ignorance is bliss.”

Abandon Self-Limitation All Ye Who Enter Here

Journalist Nick Davies has arrived at the shores of the Rubicon. He’s currently causing quite a stir in UK media circles. His article in the Independent sums things up nicely - How the spooks took over the news. Essentially reflections from his book Flat Earth News, Davies illustrates how “shadowy intelligence agencies are pumping out black propaganda to manipulate public opinion – and the media simply swallow it wholesale.” It’s really energizing to observe how this information can land slap bang in the middle of the mainstream outlets. Without doubt, it reaches people and helps to consolidate awareness of how easily the news is skewed towards a pre-determined message. Even more interestingly, Davies also suggests who the perpetrators are and why they’re doing it. Sure, he’s selling a book – but his information is credible (according to my research), and after listening to a recent interview with him, you can tell it is also heartfelt.

In the Guardian, Davies describes how Our media have become mass producers of distortion and he evidences this with clear, unambiguous examples. He convincingly delivers the message that “the mass media generally are no longer a reliable source of information.” That is, for those who need any more convincing. Regardless, he is pretty much a lone voice taking an admirable and revolutionary stance against hordes of supercilious hacks.

Davies is careful to characterize the problem as a structural thing; it’s not really about attacking individual journalists. He points to the momentous change of press ownership as the pivotal event responsible for mutating quality news into fake news. Switching from the historic patriarchal proprietors to the mega corporations, like News International owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. We know that the raison d’être of the corporations is to make money. Quality and truth are quite irrelevant. So over a short period, Davies believes that the instinctive logic of commercialism gradually replaced the objective logic of journalism. The consequences were devastating for the integrity of impartial news reporting. The corporate ownership of news has now all but destroyed the principle of truth telling by grossly politicizing the news agenda and drastically reducing the actual time available for journalists to do their jobs. This tends to propagate churnalism (bad journalism; journalists that churn out rewrites of press releases) and hence bias. And we’re not talking about the gutter press here. We’re talking ‘quality’ newspapers.

Davies has unearthed some incredibly damning information. “I commissioned research from specialists at Cardiff University, who surveyed more than 2000 UK news stories from the four quality dailies (Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Independent) and the Daily Mail. They found two striking things. First, when they tried to trace the origins of their "facts", they discovered that only 12% of the stories were wholly composed of material researched by reporters. With 8% of the stories, they just couldn't be sure. The remaining 80%, they found, were wholly, mainly or partially constructed from second-hand material, provided by news agencies and by the public relations industry. Second, when they looked for evidence that these "facts" had been thoroughly checked, they found this was happening in only 12% of the stories. The implication of those two findings is truly alarming. Where once journalists were active gatherers of news, now they have generally become mere passive processors of unchecked, second-hand material, much of it contrived by PR to serve some political or commercial interest. Not journalists, but churnalists. An industry whose primary task is to filter out falsehood has become so vulnerable to manipulation that it is now involved in the mass production of falsehood, distortion and propaganda.”

The news is horseshit. This can no longer be construed as unconventional, activist opinion anymore – it is plain, well evidenced, undeniable fact. We must seriously discipline ourselves (and those we care about) to stop being suckered by what we see on BBC & CNN, and by what we read in The Times or The Post. A far better alternative is to seek out one’s own news. Believe nothing unless you have done your own research. Use the Internet. Practice being a prudent and discerning researcher; employ equal measures of intuition and critical judgement at every turn. And remember, the Internet was not even widely available before 1994. There were no other easily accessible alternative news sources. You got your news from the TV and the paper or you got nothing. You could haul your ass down to a decent public library and spend a few days trawling through archive newspapers and microfilm. But rather unlikely. So now the Internet is here… use it.

The Matrix: It Just Works

Nick Davies has figured out that the media is a propaganda machine and there never was a golden age of independent, equitable journalism. However, Davies appears unaware (as most people are) of the sheer penetration of the Control System. For example, he states that [after 911] “For the first time in human history, there is a concerted strategy to manipulate global perception.” To students of the esoteric and the transcendent, it is elementary lesson #1 that the Control System’s containment techniques have been in place from the very beginning. Thousands of years of deception and suppression. Though that is rather a mind-bending stretch for those without a basic grounding in the hidden history of mankind. You have to digest the works of a few dozen alternate historians and arcane researchers (employing the proper research techniques of course) to begin to understand that the real strands of history are revealed through esoteric symbols and the traditions of ancient mystery schools. The official history books and encyclopaedias give only a very limited, surface level of data. You have to dig deeper.

Even though Davies is eloquently and accurately proclaiming media collusion in a government/spook sponsored programme of mass deception – the public sort of don’t care. And that is the genius of the Control System: its ability to channel apathy. It is not enough to demonstrate that our governments are corrupt. Most people already know that. Sometimes Joe public might initially be shocked at the squalid details of exactly how crooked our governments are - but it’s still not going to shift the train tracks from the habitual circular layout. Work food tv sleep… work food tv sleep. I foresee a time when it will be proven beyond reasonable doubt that 911 was the work of a cabal of CIA, MI6 & Mossad agents conspiring with senior figures in the US government. Nothing to do with Arab terrorists. And guess what? No one will care. A few politicians and military personnel will go to jail. Enough time passes and people don’t care. They forget. They’re watching American Idol and 24. Everyone knows something is fishy about 911 but what to do about it. Who gives a damn that we’re still illegally occupying Iraq? And what are we doing in Afghanistan exactly? Did the American military lie about Iranian gunboats harassing warships in the Strait Of Hormuz? Whatever, let's watch Prison Break.

Ever since the days of Nixon and the egregious Kissinger, anyone who has kept an eye on politics has been aware that conspiracy and corruption are standard government practices. Assassinations and espionage are the staple diet of operational agencies like MI6 and CIA. Any ridiculous claims to the contrary do not stand up for long. Amidst the tiresome Princess Diana courtroom charade (she was executed end of story), Ian Burnett QC, for the coroner, asked former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove the following question: "During the whole of your time in SIS (MI6), from 1966 to 2004, were you ever aware of the service assassinating anyone?" Dearlove replied: “No, I was not.”

You’ve got to laugh.

Michael Moore’s 2004 film Fahrenheit 9/11 is a classic example of the limited utility of pursuing documentary based exposés. He turns the spotlight on the US and military administration’s apparent ineptness and secrecy in handling the 911 event, but fails to explore the idea that 911 was nothing to do with 19 Arab hijackers. That would be crossing the Rubicon into unknown territory. He won’t do that. Moore does succeed, however, in highlighting corporate corruption, illegal invasions and political favouritism. But even the casual viewer intuitively knows that. Whist Moore’s analysis of government responses and dodgy deals resonates well throughout the film, the effect does not last. The viewer leaves the theatre and still goes to McDonalds, still votes Democrat, still thinks Football is important and still believes that CNN are broadcasting news.

No intelligent researcher who has taken the time to systematically analyze the events of 911 can come away thinking it was just another political and administrative fuck up. No chance. 911 was a breathtakingly audacious mega ritual. And it worked. Professionally executed, meticulously planned and successful in achieving its objectives of broadcasting fear and rushing through totalitarian legislation (masquerading as The Patriot Act). The parallels that some researchers draw between the corrupt governments of the US/UK and the Nazis are perfectly reasonable. Watch how they become even more closely aligned over the next few years.

So Moore’s predicament is quite explicable to me. Without a spiritual solution, there is NO solution. And I don’t think he can offer a way out. He can dish the dirt, but he can’t propose a meaningful resolution to the practical problems of living inside a dictatorship. Notions of lobbying congress, demonstrations in the streets, leafleting, boycotting stuff, even taking up arms – all utterly pointless. You’re playing their game with their rules and they will always win.

Jump off the moving train. Take the spiritual path.

Changing Beliefs, Raising Frequencies

As I have said before, if human consciousness allows itself to be manipulated through fear-based and trauma-based systems (entrenched in our media, entertainment and news broadcasts) then the Control System can implant a reality of its own that keeps us self-limiting and passive. We are just cabling for their network.

Breaking the trance and going through the cognitive dissonance is hard. But once through the other side, the profound insight and enhanced awareness are deeply liberating and a source of immense internal power. All the messed up, gloomy socio-political problems like immigration, crime, health, housing, war, economy, education – they all begin to make sense. They aren’t a mess because the government is inept, they are a mess by design. To keep the wheels turning and the workers working. Keep em busy. A life’s work to own a house. A decent pension right at the end if you’re lucky. Madness. Inhumanity. Once you have the ‘coordinates’ (the magic codes that make sense of all the surface weirdness), everything begins to slot into place. The mist of confusion evaporates. You can see. And the Control System coordinates are horribly uncomplicated: 99% of the planet lives in a consumer plantation designed to provide physical and spiritual slave labour to an elite few. A Control System exists to maintain and protect the system. The best metaphor for it can be found by watching The Matrix.

Imagination is our holographic engine. It makes the world. Literally. If our imagination is running someone else’s program, we are living in someone else’s dream. It is time to take control and observe how manipulated scientific and religious dogma has misled us about how our world actually functions. Time is not linear. We are not hopeless wanderers in a cold lifeless universe. We do not cease to exist when the body (the bio-suit) is finished. Life is a progression of many lives, many consciousnesses and many worlds. This is one of them. You are one story; one piece of cosmic consciousness. Indestructible. We are designed to interact with the universe by articulating and encoding it with our wisdom, love, intent and creativity. These are things of galactic significance. Not nice-to-haves.

Do not let someone else’s belief system restrict your imagination. No religion, no government, no teacher can guide you better than you can guide yourself. The very act of comprehending the nature of our creative consciousness undermines the Control System by raising the frequency of consciousness out of the manipulation field and into inspired independence. I believe, as others have for millennia, that the outer world is a direct reflection of our own private inner consciousness. When a critical mass of people understand that the game is not a good game anymore, that there is a better way of living and evolving, then the awesome synchronous power of the universe begins to paint a new world into being.

[link to thecleaver.blogspot.com]
Anonymous Coward
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United States
03/04/2008 04:40 PM
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Re: Crossing The Rubicon: Breaking The Fake News Trance

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United States
03/04/2008 04:49 PM
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Re: Crossing The Rubicon: Breaking The Fake News Trance
Good read, OP.
"It can be held certain that information that is withheld or suppressed contains truths that are detrimental to the persons involved in the suppression."
~ J. Edgar Hoover