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This is what happened in the afterlife before being reborn

Blue Bear

User ID: 81456235
05/30/2022 08:29 PM

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This is what happened in the afterlife before being reborn
I rose above my body and looked down upon myself. This made me sad. I felt as if should be happy to have lived a fantastic life of riches and for having had a wonderful family, but was not happy.My wife was never really
mine.I never had her heart. Everything was a lie, from the very beginning.

As I slowly floated upward, I caught the expression on the face of my dead body, and it painted a picture of sadness and remorse. I noted to myself right then and there that I was going to come back and try again, this time without
anything that could bring fake people into my life.

When I reached the first “stop” after I passed away, I was approached by two men who showed me to a one-room building. They sat me at a small table and told me to simply relax and “watch the show”. This is where you had your life
review. I was being recorded while watching this, as well. Even though I watched my entire life, it seemingly took just minutes, because time does not exist beyond Earth.After I watched my life, the two gentlemen then showed the recording of myself watching my life. I was amazed at how much
my facial expressions changed over the course of  71 years. Back and forth from smile, to sadness, to scowl, then back again to smile, and so on. It was obvious that I was never sure if were happy or not.

The gentlemen asked to reflect on my life and tell them what I saw that was noteworthy, and told them what you had just been thinking. They asked if felt you had been a fair man all your life, and I said that of course I was fair.I was more than fair.I gave much money to charity,  practically raised my five siblings by myself. I sacrificed a lot for everyone I knew and loved. The eldest gentleman said, “I am sorry, but you were actually not fair. You were never fair to yourself”. The other gentleman said that your biggest
lesson should be to always love yourself first if you expect to truly love someone else, and if you want them to love you in return.

I was puzzled by this conversation, because in my mind, the worst thing I truly did in my lifetime was commit murder, and this should have been the first
thing they said to me after asking  if you feel you had been fair.The room stayed quiet for quite some time. I sat there thinking, knowing that these men were probably pretty close to “all-knowing”, so why did they not say a
word about murdering my wife? Did they not see it in the recorded review? Were they sleeping through it?

Finally, I knew had to speak up about it, so you asked them, “What about the murder? I murdered my wife”.
The eldest gentleman said, “Had you loved yourself enough, you would never have done that. You would never have married someone who did not love you back. So
this was your lesson”.

I saw a little girl I knew in my past life that named Sarah.I told her sorry for what happened to her and she assured me that she died just when she was supposed to die so that she could heal from her wounds of being mistreated
by her father and plan her next life. She had no regrets, and she said should not feel sorry for her.

I met up with a man that was was envious of me and despised me for everything that I had, especially because I was born into the money and didn’t work for it,in his opinion.I kept the money flowing though, and kept building upon my empire, but he didn’t realize how hard I worked, and he
thought I was a spoiled brat.

He would do his best to sabotage me in any way that he could when you both walked the earth before, but when he saw me in the afterlife, he suddenly felt warmth when he
saw me.I felt the same for him.I never hated him.He didn’t hate me either, but he had a strong disdain for
you. Now that we were both spirits in the afterlife,I had zero ill feelings for
each other.

I saw my wife from your past life, and you eventually saw my children, as well. Amazingly enough, no one was angry or bitter, and no one was sad. I embraced my wife, and we both smiled. Neither of us apologized,because we both knew that apologies were not needed. both learned from
the mistakes made, and forgiveness just happens in this realm without words

This place where you had your life review was not Heaven.
Heaven will not be reached until YOU feel as if you are finally satisfied with the life you last lived. When you feel you have done your very best, you will then move on
to Heaven rather than reincarnating. This does not mean you have to live a perfect life! No one is capable of doing that. You just have to be satisfied that you actually
tried to live your best life, and you can’t have regrets that you lived poorly most of
your life.

I will be reborn once more in the year 2121

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