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Message Subject is this true??Buffalo, NY Mass Shooter Had Been Coached by Former FBI Agent, Knew 30 min before and called no one
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I've been watching these mass shootings for decades and at first I thought they were real like everyone else but with all the shit I've seen in the past thirty years, I don't buy it anymore. I'm sure they're real in the sense that people are being killed but the shooters are groomed and in many cases supported, funded and armed by anti-gun, anti-American elements who are in favor of gloablism and that includes elements within our own law enforcement agencies and governments in the West. It's been exposed repeatedly in Canada to the point where one of the former heads of the RCMP came right out and said it to a major news magazine. It's even been exposed in court cases in Canada and the police have been caught on video apparently attempting to set up supplies for would be terrorists. I remember when they gave a terrorist group explosives, live explosives to blow up a dump truck in the middle of a field in Ontario.

There was one incident where people who were listening to a scanner caught the RCMP calling a mass shooter by name before anyone even knew who he was and there's literally no way the RCMP could have known unless they were involved in setting up his shooting spree or at least knew he was going to do it. They kept the reason why they knew his name from the public with the help of the Prime Minister (Trudeau) and then a court that ruled they could legally conceal the information. Why would the US or any other western country be immune to that behavior? They wouldn't. Look at Obama with fast and furious, arming drug cartels. The truckloads and train loads of guns left in the middle of gangland in major cities. The inexplicable shit surrounding the Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook, Columbine and god knows how many other mass shootings, terror attacks and bombings. Everytime something like this texas school shooting happens everyone's up in arms but this shit happens in major cities every day of the week and no one care. It can't all be a coincidence or all be hyperbolic bullshit. At some point we have to accept reality, at the very least these are law enforcement stings gone wrong and the worst these people are being groomed to kill to push the gun control agenda and maybe even to push something worse.
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