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The super-rich: Let them eat, Cake included

Nicolas Catinat

User ID: 83491725
United Kingdom
05/31/2022 06:15 PM

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The super-rich: Let them eat, Cake included
What they should not do is digest.

A personal wealth over US$200million will be the qualifying criterion.

To get out of this you pay the initial tithe in person on your knees and present your neck.

You may use the office in New York for this, Gambino Family Agency, or you may go to Diego personally in San Francisco.

The initial tithe has been fixed at 17.6% of your total. The rest will follow, this is how to fix your own digestion.

You are free to try any other solution you wish, of course.

Part of this is about the quality of your own judgment capacity and how that is being developed for you. Those who need more guidance will be lower in the income bands of course.
It is not enough to win. One must win with style.