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The set up: Canada becomes a Utopia

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United States
05/31/2022 07:14 PM
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The set up: Canada becomes a Utopia
It will all go swimmingly and blissful.
Any true crime or violence swept under the rug hush hush give about 5 years or soooner then,

U.S should be more like their peaceful Canadian neighbors! Look how great that Country is doing! Wow ahhh ohhhh...

All about disarming.. Maybe not though maybe after a couple short years Canada is invaded because well no guns and all.. With our neighbors weakened then why not.

China for example wants America disarmed. They try and try last attempt didn't work. So disarm Canada. .

Telling you it's all rotten in Denmark

Thread: The Canadian Chaos is to close escape off for America
Well, you heard about the Boston
Honey, it's not one of those