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Message Subject California Court Rules Bees Are ‘Fish’ Protected by Endangered Species Act
Poster Handle Anon Braveheart
Post Content
Unanimous Three-Judge Panel Rules Bees Are ‘Fish’: ‘We Are Tasked with Liberally Construing’ the California Endangered Species Act:

The Commission countered, saying that the definition of fish can and should encapsulate bees and other similarly situated invertebrates because, in part, it already does in practice. At least one species of shrimp, snail and crayfish are listed under the CESA. The listing of the Trinity bristle snail is particularly instructive, the Commission argued.

That’s because the snail, the commissioners note, does not even live in the water and was categorized as “threatened” in 1980. The way the snail got on the list was by being classified as a “fish.” Since the bristle snail is a terrestrial species, the Commission argues, “fish” cannot be limited to animals that inhabit a marine environment.

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