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Why Reality does not matter - from a ninja perspective

Nicolas Catinat

User ID: 83491725
United Kingdom
06/01/2022 10:43 PM

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Why Reality does not matter - from a ninja perspective
Reality is the present moment. YOUR circumstances as they stand AND the GROUP circumstances as they stand.

Kill half the group and those circumstances have changed and you have your new reality on your own terms because the rest are obedient.

"He who can destroy a thing controls it." The line is from Dune, the novel by Frank Herbert.

The other half of nearly the truth in terms of that insight is that one half precisely have souls. This means they are not things. You can destroy them, yes. But you cannot control them.

The problem is with the head of the hierarchy on this planet who was hiding something from his childhood, when he was about 15. He chose a unique way to do that shall we say. The man in question is Aniruddha, King of Shambhala.

And we consider this truth to be self-evident given the present state of the world.

In short, this planet was being run by a gay person. This started nearly a hundred years ago. Before that it was someone else. You can check the details in the Kalki King lineage within the Kalachakra tradition.

Everything else waits and is in position simply to remove this one piece. THAT is the true reason for all suffering on the Earth at this time.

06/22/2022 is when we arrive. That's when he dies. Nothing will happen for you on that day. The process takes years, decades even. Certain political events will occur before this occurs, and those you will see.

The old power structure is being very forcibly taken down from the very top by individuals who bear a strong grudge together, as a group. We do not need to be sadistic about how we do this. We are being sadistic about how we do this as a matter of personal choice.

We do however leave the children out of it and stop once your personal wealth level is below the initial threshold here, which is US$2billion. Only to consider what we will do with the next class, as defined by their own transgressions. We will be finished with you lot by that time though. Your children will be adopted by others. Families will be seperated. Service to your public will be your reward as a family and class. See that you serve well, the whip has nails in it this one.

This has already been earned and dispensed it now defines as reality and does not go backwards in linear time, no. Nor may it be edited. Fortunately it's only the billionaire class who have to worry at this stage.

This is how you pull down a reality with violence: Kill the one single individual they all bend the knee to and assume his karmic bonds and connections yourself. Sadly this one will pollute me but there is nothing I can do about that at this stage I have my own priorities and it's a lot purer than the illusion that got me there, so the net result I actually experience by degrading myself with this level of target turns out to be positive. Because the planet is itself a retard in terms of how it processes karma for death and evil, but anyway.

Over 21 days I am certain I can arrange to have him sufficiently purified that this is not too distasteful when the current is finally released. About at the amount of homosexual energy you would absorb from having gay people in your town or city, or as a teacher or friend. Distasteful, a to my own sensibilities this is a bit like walking into the biggest gay area in the biggest gay city around. This is due to the height on this one.

Therefore reality does not matter. As it is all about to change, you can now understand this. The reason for this however will embarass you. Do not think about it please.
It is not enough to win. One must win with style.