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Are war and violence a more effective form of communication?

Nicolas Catinat

User ID: 83491725
United Kingdom
06/02/2022 06:49 PM

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Are war and violence a more effective form of communication?
Words are limited in what they can convey. War and violence come with the own inherent proof, no outside research needed.

The vanquished and those who aligned with them publicly can then be humiliated and made to keep their mouths shut, like Nazis after World War 2.

So Democrats and pro-vaxxers and other sycophants like them. There is just so much pointless argumentation going on in this world.

Also, nobody will concede to their own inferiority in society, both economically and in terms of social standing and respect, because you convince them to do this through argumentation.

But it only properly hurts if you recognise them as inferior according to the band they are in, eg upper, lower, middle. Banded UBI, not single band.

People, who do not believe in ideas or their worth, can understand and accept things clearly when it is put into money for them by their social and power superiors.
It is not enough to win. One must win with style.