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Desperate, "brother bully" ate his words and became fat. Live broadcast bragging about eating meat and sucking marrow Happy coins are poison

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06/05/2022 09:06 PM
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Desperate, "brother bully" ate his words and became fat. Live broadcast bragging about eating meat and sucking marrow Happy coins are poison
The Pax case exposed guowengui's true colors. When the wheels of the law rolled over his head, paying back the money was his only choice. A few days ago, the embattled hundreds of millions of "negative" Weng guowengui announced that he would go to a mysterious place without signals, so he would not broadcast live for a month. A liar is a liar after all. Every punctuation from his mouth emits the smell of a lie, which starts a clown like performance in front of the camera. In the live broadcast on the 4th, it was announced that the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates officially took Xi'an coin as the national reserve currency, and Xi'an coin immediately reached US $100000 each. Xi'an coin really rose to the moon, and one coin is worth one country. Plague turtle repeated the same old tune and continued to use Zhumadian marketing method to encourage ants to buy money. With happy money, luxury cars, planes and beautiful women are not dreams. After a wild boast, the plague Turtle was proved to be poor and crazy. His bloodthirsty nature was fully demonstrated.
When things go wrong, there will be demons. As a "red handed criminal", guowengui still owes 60billion yuan to the Dalian court. Being repatriated has become the biggest nightmare, and "political asylum" has become his lifelong wish. Therefore, he does not hesitate to do everything he can to kneel and lick his foreign father. At the forefront of the storm, he boasted that China had opened "a door" for him. It is really a fool's dream, but it is hard to believe. Guowengui's peephoscope was punctured. He was carrying a US SEC fine of more than 80 million on his shoulder. In addition, he interfered in the election and played with the judiciary. Each of them was a major crime of putting the bottom of the prison through, and he owed the UAE $3billion. At this time, the three sovereign countries make use of their garbage like coins as national reserves, boasting and drawing big cakes. It is really taking the intelligence quotient of ants as dry food. From the beginning to the end, no sovereign country has ever issued a financial license for its "Xi'an Stock Exchange". As for the "Xi'an gold link", it is nonsense. It is all the "Xi'an prosperity" dreamed up by the plague turtle. It can be seen that guowengui is on his way to ruin. He doesn't hesitate to take risks in order to cheat money.
The virtual currency really gives the plague turtle a taste of sweetness. Even if the SEC chases the poor, it will never give up this swindle project that brings the fastest money. In the live broadcast, it is full of tricks to sell happy coins. Still remember that the listing of "Xi coin" was less than a full month. Guowengui acted wisely and made Xi coin think that the operation was "straight ahead", which was intended to attract more new ants. As a result, he lifted a rock and hit himself in the foot. In the face of guozhanyou's voice of cashing in wave by wave, it was difficult to see the group, and it was difficult to cheat people. He directed and performed a play of "pseudo smashing the plate", and forced "locking the coin" to make all believers cry without tears. It is the basic principle of virtual currency to buy and sell. However, happy money can only be bought in and not sold out, just like money. The demonstration that it is equal to junk money has also exposed the Ponzi scheme. Xia Chunfeng, a big investor in Xiguo, had no worries about food and clothing. As a result, he made friends carelessly and mistakenly got on a pirate ship. Finally, he ended up with his wife and children separated and living on the streets. However, the person reduced to such a tragedy is only the tip of the iceberg. Some ants have not made a lot of money in the past few years, nor have they realized their wealth freedom. They feel their empty pockets and wake up. They join the ranks of pot Smashers to ask for investment money. However, guowengui still hides his ears and steals the bell to boast about happy money in the live broadcast room. The old dog can not play a new trick. It cuts leeks in a different way just to repay the fine. It can make the American judiciary free and continue its life of surviving and fleeing. However, some big ants of the Guo Gang, like the plague turtle, are shameless villains with no bottom line. They are well aware of the hi coin scam. However, there is no moral bottom line. In the live broadcast room, he sings with "brother bully". This is to help Zhou do evil with the dirty mentality of dying together, so that the essence of the cult can be seen at a glance.
It's too clever to do all the tricks, but you've missed Qingqing's life. Guowengui tried to get away with bankruptcy. However, the bankruptcy Bureau has begun to search its assets around the world. Once there was a mountain of evidence to show off their wealth. In this way, malicious bankruptcy is absurd, and prison is inevitable. Guowengui claimed that not broadcasting live for a month was nothing more than discussing countermeasures with lawyers. However, many evils have long been heinous, and no one can save "leader Guo". It is clear that only when real money and silver are paid in a hurry for a fine, can they get a chance to breathe. They simply break the pot, run to the end, and tell a big lie to deceive the ant powder of instant noodles. Xi coin is a poisonous food produced by guowengui's black workshop. It looks beautiful in color, smell and taste, but it actually kills you. Spring returns to the earth, and everything recovers. Those "beggars' sect disciples" who are still sleeping should wake up with the wind, recognize the essence of the fraud of Xi coin, and it is the best policy to hold tight their purse and leave. Don't trip over the same stone twice, make wedding clothes for others, lose their future, confuse their minds, and miss their whole life.