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i know how the USA can end all it's recent troubles

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06/09/2022 05:44 PM
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i know how the USA can end all it's recent troubles
the USA maybe experienced great depression and even civil war before
but these are nothing compared with what the USA is facing now

the USA is now facing infiltrators/sellouts/traitors from the inside and the Islamic-liberal NWO alliance from the outside, that are led by Egypt and financed by the rich Arab gulf countries that are controlled by the Muslim brotherhood or by a similar sect
and both are puppeteered and organized by some retreaded/ignorant/crazy but yet cunning and powerful fate/AI-like entity

they raised prices and caused pandemics, world Inflation, riots, Global Warming, the Russian-Ukrainian war, the world wheat-shortage, the drought and will cause more shit
all part of a plan to stop the USA from ruling the world and make Islam rule the world, if Islam do not rule it already

in the great depression and even the civil war, the USA emerged stronger than before
but i doubts that this is the case this time

i think that for America, this will end by being ruled by Muslims, by suffering strong economical/military loses and by it's people changing to be like the Egyptians and losing lots of their freedoms/rights/humanity/moral/goodness/sexuality

so all this wars/diseases/economical troubles can end and so the USA can emerge victorious/stronger, the USA must ensure that these things must happen:
1-i immediately rule he world, or at-least i immediately become cash-rich/multi-millionaire for life and i have the American citizenship
2-feminsm and Islam are immediately destroyed
by feminism i mean:[criminalizing pre-16 marriage and the so-called sexual harassment while legalizing apportion and secret-fornication]
by Islam i mean:[force people to be Allah's slaves by laws and by screaming/playing Islamic stuff(Quran/athan) publicly in loudspeakers]
3-my enemies who currently rule Egypt and the gulf countries are immediately replaced by people who are like me and who are with my side enough to change the Egyptian mentality/laws/polices to stop it from being against me and to make it help me instead

Last Edited by Anor on 06/09/2022 08:13 PM
most of what i say is theories that is based on my current information/calculations, thus it could be partly wrong if i was misinformed or miscalculated, mainly due to the confusing/deception that my enemies do to me, so top thinking with the quran retarded mentality that confuse theories with lies