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The Earth's Inner core 'oscillates' over a mile every six years!

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06/10/2022 09:06 PM
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The Earth's Inner core 'oscillates' over a mile every six years!
"This marks the first time the six-year oscillation has been indicated through direct seismological observation.

Using seismological data from atomic tests in previous studies, the researchers have been able to pinpoint the exact location and time of the seismic event.

'The idea the inner core oscillates was a model that was out there, but the community has been split on whether it was viable,' said Professor Vidale.

'We went into this expecting to see the same rotation direction and rate in the earlier pair of atomic tests, but instead we saw the opposite.

'We were quite surprised to find that it was moving in the other direction.'

LASA closed in 1978, and the era of US underground atomic testing is now over, meaning researchers will need to rely on comparatively imprecise earthquake data for future research in this area, even with recent advances in instrumentation."

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