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Message Subject Do you believe there are masculine souls and feminine souls?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
souls? no. frameworks or psyches or whatever we're currently calling them...sure. but not souls. a soul reincarnates. it's the vehicle that gets us from the collective soul pool into the fertilized egg.
 Quoting: gs 33813107

There is no soul in a fertilized egg! The soul is attracted to the human form, not a fetus form. The soul only finds a way to it's body through the open path provided from the mother's love for the baby inside her and for the father. Love is the only thing that attracts a soul into a baby in the womb that has formed into a physically healthy baby in the womb. Meaning it is not deformed in any way and it is past the stage of looking like a weird alien fetus. Souls arrive in the baby on love and it is perfect because it is perfect. Not one flaw. If a baby is born without a soul, it becomes possessed later by an entity of some sort.. Love is neither feminine or masculine just like a soul is neither feminine or masculine.
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