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FAO warning over virulent wheat fungus Threatens World Wheat Crop.

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03/07/2008 07:13 PM
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FAO warning over virulent wheat fungus Threatens World Wheat Crop.
[link to www.dawn.com]

FAO warning over virulent wheat fungus

By Amin Ahmed

RAWALPINDI, March 5: The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations has asked the authorities of Pakistan and five other wheat-producing countries, located east of Iran, to be on high alert, following a report that a new and virulent wheat fungus has moved to major wheat-growing areas in Iran.

The FAO says the detection of the wheat-rust fungus in Iran is extremely worrisome. The fungus is spreading rapidly and could seriously lower wheat production in countries at direct risk. Affected countries and the international community have to ensure that the spread of the disease is checked in order to reduce the risk to countries that are already hit by high food prices, the UN agency announced in Rome on Wednesday.

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