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the crazy noise entity is getting on my nerve, it now refuse to leave me alone for a sec

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06/22/2022 02:38 PM
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the crazy noise entity is getting on my nerve, it now refuse to leave me alone for a sec
despite that the entity has made me too poor to pay for all or nearly all pleasureful things most of the time
even the basic, normal, vital and righteous ones that everyone, even poor people, have in their life
like marrying or even buying few eggs

and despite that the entity and the continuous harm/attacks it do to me, has did something wrong with my mind/soul/body that make me unable to feel most pleasure or that make me stop myself from feeling pleasureful most of the time, even when it stop harassing/haunting me
maybe it is some subconscious fears or mental damage(double personality/self destructive tendencies) or possession

and despite that all the bad things it do to me since my birth has never result in nothing but me hating/fighting it more
and despite that it is obvious that my hatred/hostility will be the only response that i will ever have, because this is the only sane/logical/just/right response that any creature can have when someone else harm him or put him in hell unjustly, whatever how powerful this someone else have and even this someone else has created him
because you being powerful or you creating someone, dose not mean that you have the right to torture/deprive/destroy/enslave him

and despite that what it do to me
never proof that Allah is the only/real/merciful/just god, that Islam is it's message, that what they believe/practice in Egypt are the real Islam not twisted masonic/liberal/Gemini/feminist version of it
nor proof that i must stop seeking/feeling all righteous pleasure, stop having sexual manhood/activity/expression, blame myself for what Allah and/or evil people do to me, sacrifice myself and my male children for Allah, love any fate script that Allah enforce on me water unjust/hellish it was, stop thinking freely and just mimic people around me and live mainly or only to work for god/others
because it can only proof two thing:
1-that this creature are powerful as witch who can foresee future, as an AI who can calculate huge some of data at once, or as arch-demon or arch-angel who can control pests and control the minds of millions at once, or act as all of them at once
but never as 1/1000 as powerful as how Allah describe himself in Islam
and is also proof that it have lots of flaws/weakness and that it can be weakened or stopped sometimes or forever
2-that this creature are crazy for real or that it is just a mere AI that are programmed to ceaselessly and blindly repeat the same bullshit excuses/methods forever, whatever it was right or wrong and whatever it work or not

despite all this, but it refuse to lave me alone even for a second
it haunt me since my birth, but nowadays it has got made and so agitated i can now predict it's moves
an hour ago i tried to enjoy some shitty poor class food that my relatives gave to me as charity
but before i start to eat it, i predicted that the entity will instantly/automatically make it's puppets -mainly Muslim males- scream "death news" or Quran or anything in my ears that will disturb my pleasure feelings or make me stop myself from feeling pleasure and this is exactly what happened the next second


few days ago
the entity infiltrated the porn industry with one of it's ugly female puppets that pretended that she is making a seductive sex video to deliver me a message through one of her videos -that are mostly not naked or free as my enemies like porn to be- that said: [pleasure are the thing that destroy you -not the scams/system/humiliation/laws/religions/attacks that her people/entity used to destroy me- and that my sexual activity is an addiction and that i am now lower than her and than other men
the woman was putting makeup that made her look very beautiful and looking like my people and the entity chosen her to be Capricorn because in the nigh before this, i said that Capricorn women are the most beautiful women
this was destructive attack to my sanity/manhood/confidence
it also made Chinese woman profile in a dating site reply to me calling her:kind and asking for her whatsapp by calling me:a girl
it also keep delivering me it's same messages through songs, especially the songs of singers it think that i like

it has gone made with power, it refuse to stop and it keep holding me responsible for what destruction/corruption it do to me
actually, it keep going too far

please someone tell me the real identity of this entity
and also the real identity of the entity that possess me
so i can destroy them and get out of the hell they are putting me in

right now i think that the noise entity are something related to Gemini, like god(Hermes) or AI(the matrix analyst) or angel(Michael), or an Egyptian hive mind or even the sign of Gemini itself
and that the entity that possess me are the Scorpio feminist demon/archon Lilith
many evidences say so, like:
-it was written in my astrological chart that Gemini/mercury and Lilith will cause my death
-Egypt are Gemini and most people who harm/annoy me are Gemini sun/moon or strongly related to Gemini
-my enemies usually act/look as how astrology say how Gemini act/look
-things got insanely fare worse when the Scorpio dictator al-sisi ruled Egypt and untied everyone against me

Last Edited by Anor on 06/22/2022 02:42 PM
most of what i say is theories that is based on my current information/calculations, thus it could be partly wrong if i was misinformed or miscalculated, mainly due to the confusing/deception that my enemies do to me, so top thinking with the quran retarded mentality that confuse theories with lies