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Subject I Like my steak hoagie with mushroom sauce.
Poster Handle Whang Chung
Post Content
I really don't worry what you like or don't like. So if we go down to the local pizzeria with a couple of our good pals and we all decide to get hoagies, sometimes I'll get the Italian Hoagie..sure...those are really good.

But Sometimes I want a steak hoagie. And I really don't need other people's comments when I ask the waitress for mushroom sauce, not tomato sauce. There is always one guy who is like, 'Whaaaa? Mushroom Sauce?' Like I am asking for something strange.

"Look, my good man" I respond, "Mushroom sauce is a standard option. It's not like I'm asking for teriyaki sauce or Heinz 57 sauce...or some other odd sauce. Why don't you relax?"

I'm not looking to get into a shoving match over mushroom sauce on my hoagie. Usually the beers come and it relaxes the tension, but in these days I don't need every Chad and Karen all up in my sauce choice. That is how I roll...deal with it.
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