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tomorrow's lgbt parade in s.f. as a potential destabilization event...will history repeat itself?...

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United States
06/25/2022 06:52 PM
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tomorrow's lgbt parade in s.f. as a potential destabilization event...will history repeat itself?...
a few years back, during the anti chinese trump scenario, the c.i.a., with their corporate and military assets, parachuted in a fiber optics trained team to do some work work near a chinese resteraunt in the richmond district where high and low end drug trafficking runs rampant...

this team came from florida(trumps home base alongside about 20 or so military bases) which made no sense at all as their exists a communications call record center right up the street with a rear parking lot with numerous mantainence vehicles(and some of the smartest people in america working the facility)..

that said, a fire broke out we were told by the "news" people because the crew cut into a natural gas line..what really happened was the coded valves in the gas lines were turned overloading the system causing the explosion and fire, remotely of course...

the intent was not just to send a message to the trafficking going on in the resteraunt, but rather to create a major destabilization event by killing children who were in an attached building using a youth program facility..luckily the local first responders arrived with the help of the natural ocean draw that blew the flames in the opposite direction..

all THAT said, history here might be unfolding with an attack on the lgbt parade tommorow based on contacts i have made with floridians who are in san francsico doing missionairy work(the c.i.a. has assets everywhere especially in religious groups which make perfect covers and alot of them are anti lgbt)..added to this scenario is that the mayor has just been tested positive for covid 19 and will miss the parade..she did attend the warriors celebration and also has publicly stated that she opposes the idea
of NOT letting s.f. police march in uniform...maybe she knows something from her own security detail)...

what i'm seeing is a divide and destabilize scenerio emerging..mix in 7 bucks a gallon gas in s.f. with a lot of unhappiness that goes along with that priming the pump with the "contracting" skills that the c.ia. is well practiced at..just a heads up..and we thank you for your support..