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Message Subject Abortion Seeking loose women will now face the ultimate penalty!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Now they have to blow a judge to get an abortion, lets see how they like that!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 83240202

oh, they all loose? ya sure about that?, ya all holy, and all, , ya know everything, never made a mistake?, not you. , , no ya were, and still are pure as the driven snow, aint ya?, , while all along ya all , , women have to be in the workforce, takes 2 or more incomes forever, by design, just to try to maintain, survive, all the rest on welfare forever by desingn, and then those, who mmanaged, , retired, from carreeers ect, , to , ok., all options forevr, in your fake ass system, was for the woman, to either have an abortion, out of real life circumstances, ,, real life dumbass, that means finacial as well as knowing, that theres no way, she wants to bring another innocent life into this , forever, messed up world., not , that she could afford to anyways, but yuor the all knowing expert, , or that she should somehow, on welfare assist, and whatever, , just carry the child to term, and then , give it up for adoption, this would, all have to be all, , all, welfare churches ect. the health ins. paid for, the religious, so called christian churches all 501c3, forever, thats thier solutions?, and after all these years, , ya dumber than dumb, how dare ya point the finger, with your , religious, and poliotical, , indoctrination, , ya never had to know the issues and choice, did ya.?, , no matter what ya response, i dont care, cause, only god knows, you and others dont, so high and mighty, , good luck with your one, fake issue forever, according to the christians, while the entire world burns down forever, and ya all a part of the system, that the real jesus exposed and. railed about. im out. he knows.
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