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Subject How Come Florida Legislature Keeps Screwing Up Federal Elections
Poster Handle Incompetence Perhaps?
Post Content
I was just remembering how much Florida screwed up the Presidential Election in 2000. Here is what Leiberman said at the time:

"I wanted to make a comment on one aspect of the continuing developments in Florida which really does trouble me,... I am very disappointed and disturbed about the continuing movement by the Florida legislature, now encouraged by Governor Jeb Bush, to consider choosing their own slate of electors after almost six million people in Florida voted on Election Day.

Now that is not what has happened in Florida this year [2000]. And I do think this action by the Florida legislature really threatens the credibility and legitimacy of the ultimate choice of electors in Florida. It threatens to put us into a constitutional crisis, which we are not in now by any stretch of the word. And I just want to appeal to Governor Jeb Bush and the members of the Florida legislature to reconsider this action."

So now it is 2008 and those idiots broke the Democratic Primary rules and had their election too early and now their is another crises (for the Democrats at least, thank God the Republicans have their act together) and they don't know what to do.

Idiots tard
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