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Message Subject How Come Florida Legislature Keeps Screwing Up Federal Elections
Poster Handle littlebird
Post Content
the Republicans have their act together
 Quoting: Incompetence Perhaps? 115

If the Republicans seemingly have their act together,
it's because they are up to their *old tricks* again, as usual.

To prevent the voting "irregularities" like that of 'other' Florida elections,
Democrats insisted upon having a "paper" trail which was ultimately passed
by the 'Republican-controlled' Florida legislature, but ONLY after the 'Republicans'
tied the 'earlier' primary voting date to the bill. Therefore, Democrats could not vote
against the bill as 'corrupted' by the Republicans without also losing the "paper trail"
which is of utmost importance to them as well as to most of us conscientious

"The Republicans seemingly have their act together" ???

Not unless one considers 'dirty politics' as a good thing!

'Karl Rove' tactics are a disgrace
&, in this presidential race,
"dirty politics" have no place
except where "the sun don't shine"
in the Sunshine State!

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