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Monkeypox: History Repeating

Anonymous Coward
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07/05/2022 03:01 PM
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Monkeypox: History Repeating

From a high level Qi Gong practioner who has strengthened his supernatural abilites:

It is not difficult to find when examining history that at the final phase of previous civilizations, morality had slid downward terribly, and homosexuality and other illicit sexual behavior had become widespread. A typical example is the decline of the ancient Greek empire. Some 13,000 years ago in the area of Greece there was a nation called the Kingdom of Yadis (meaning the eternal nation). It was a constitutional monarchy, and the parliament controlled everything in the nation. The monarch was but a symbol of royal power only. The population was 80 million, and they were the white Europeans.

They are the ancestors of the current white Europeans. The Kingdom of Yadis was a society in which slavery was prevalent. There were basically three main social castes divided into the aristocrats, the commoners, and the slaves. Males had the most power. In the initial stages of the kingdom, their military power was exceptional. Their military campaigns spread in all directions, and no city states refused to acknowledge allegiance to them. Eight monarchs ruled over the Kingdom of Yadis, which had a reign close to 200 years. Due to immorality during the final phases of the kingdom, those believing in evil religions incurred the wrath of heaven. The people's karma led to a group of demons to evoke calamity and chaos in the world. Homosexuality was initially spread from the temple of an evil religion and at first was prevalent among the upper aristocrats, then gradually spread across the nation. Male homosexuals would gather at places similar to today's bars.

Some people even opened up male homosexual brothels. High-ranking officials and aristocrats would privately buy young [underage], attractive boys from child traffickers for their own pleasure. A good-looking young boy would be three times the price of a girl the same age. Female homosexuals would interact secretly, and would mostly occur between friends or among masters and servants. Homosexuality also became prevalent among stationed troops in foreign lands. People's hearts at the time had become dark and warped. They regarded this kind of conduct as a way of emancipating themselves from the binds of human conduct and divine constraint. The decadent system of values acknowledged that homosexuality was some kind of so-called fashionable trend.

From many of the unearthed items of ancient Greek pottery one can find that promiscuous images filled every corner of society as “decorations.” Not only that, but I used my supernormal abilities to see that in the arts, songs, and dramas were many songs eulogizing homosexuality. One can see that society's situation with regards to promiscuous decadence was already very severe. During the reign of the 6th monarch of the Kingdom of Yadis, the nation's capital was moved from the European mainland to the continent on which Atlantis was located. This was also the last dynasty of Atlantis before it sank.

In the final phases of the kingdom, a great epidemic wreaked havoc. During the reign of the 7th monarch, a huge epidemic broke out three times. More than 67 million people perished during the last time the plague broke out. This epidemic was spread through breathing and the spread of bodily fluids. Some people when speaking would suddenly faint, and fall into a coma. Some who contracted the pestilence became delirious and would foam at the mouth. Their entire bodies would break out in red blisters. In particular, the area of their genitals would turn black and ooze a thick black liquid.

What followed was serious festering all over their bodies. Those infected by the epidemic were unable to be saved, and generally would suddenly die within 3-7 days. That huge epidemic persisted for three years. The area where the epidemic spread became overgrown, and rotten corpses and skeletons were strewn everywhere. There were so many that nobody was burying them. Those still living looked lifeless, their facial complexions were deathly pale like a zombie. Ultimately, even those “living dead” people would be few.

The kingdom was permeated by the stench of death. Large numbers of crows would gather on the rooftops in the villages where people once lived, or on tree branches. With nobody looking after them, domestic animals would walk about unchecked among the piles of bones scattered around the farming regions. What was once a prosperous nation became a deserted nation where beasts came and went. Those who survived the epidemic would be full of remorse and respectfully say their prayers to the divine, confessing to their mistakes. Many people would punish themselves by whipping their own bodies. Finally, a powerful empire located in today's Ethiopia on the African continent occupied the Kingdom of Yadis. They had a system of slavery. In addition, just like this, the Kingdom of Yadis, which played the leading role on mainland Europe, was mercilessly taken down by the torrents of history's powerful current.

Article: What I Know of Earth's History and Mysteries (10): Homosexuality and Drugs

[link to www.pureinsight.org (secure)]