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Alliance League Matching Services (A.L.M.S.) are creating a list of governments and corporations who are against protecting diversity of the huma

Anonymous Coward
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United States
07/10/2022 09:08 AM
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Alliance League Matching Services (A.L.M.S.) are creating a list of governments and corporations who are against protecting diversity of the huma
Anyone who has a personal testimony of being fired or separated for “misconduct” can share their story.

The various governments and corporations will be receiving our emails and personal requests on their social media pages for “likes.”

No monetary donations will be requested. The benefit to the governments and corporations will be in the form of “credits” for their donations of goods and services that support our cause with the added bonus of tax relief that they designate themself per the value they place upon their giving. . Extra nice corporations may win a t-shirt. All friends will receive a personal sticker they can put by their business logo that demonstrates their compliance and agreement with our motto.

The Alliance League Matching Services is a grassroots nonprofit that operates under the banner of equity and accountability, this entity offers educational resources, data review and monitoring of performance of duties that demonstrate protection of the human genome and environment.

Nobody wants to be put on our bad list.” says the founder and President, Laina Shamblin.

Our aim is to reach all CEOs with important information regarding their company’s liabilities for going along with mandates that were harmful toward their own employees.

1. This is how mRNA and vaccines are made and get into your veins.

[link to www.naro.go.jp (secure)]

Notice the picture says “Safe and Effective.”

2.  COVID-19 Vaccination would be more
Hazardous than Disease itself in 30 Out of
58 Countries -

[link to www.scireslit.com (secure)]

3.  mRNA create Carbon Nanotubes 

Carbon nanotubes in COVID-19: A critical review and prospects

[link to www.sciencedirect.com (secure)]

4.  The FDA and CDC both admit that Carbon Nanotubes are harmful to health and an OSHA violation.

[link to www.cdc.gov (secure)]

5.  Here the FDA admits CNT (Carbon nanotubes) are hazardous to health.   (This is awful for the corporations and investors.)

[link to www.fda.gov (secure)]

6.  Here we have Vanguard’s 89 pages of filed documents showing investors of the hospital and healthcare systems arguing over how much tax payers should pay for their shots they promoted, lied about, and hushed opposition thereof.

[link to www.sec.gov (secure)]

Monetary settlements would bankrupt the entire system so giving much needed support by way of donations and services to all who may have been harmed by the substance or denied employment is the least these governments and corporations can do.

Almscodex.com (under construction)
“You don’t want to be on our bad side.”

; )