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Newly Released Research Shows The VAX Clots, Period!

Reed Jones
User ID: 16237797
United States
07/17/2022 01:14 AM
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Newly Released Research Shows The VAX Clots, Period!
According to a newly published article from NBC, the VAX indeed has some unintended effects!

"Menstrual changes after Covid vaccines may be far more common than previously known.

A study found that 42% of people with regular menstrual cycles said they bled more heavily than usual after their Covid vaccination."

So are the flood (blood? 💩) gates finally opening? Will the rivers run red with the blood of women?

Accounting together the current tampon shortage, record high inflation, and now the JAB being found to cause 'heavier than usual' menstrual cycles in half of all VAXXD women - my sources say yes!

Pull out your Bibles, pack your bug out bags!

In all seriousness though let that statistic sink in -

42% of women report they affected. That's 1 out of every two women who have taken the jab.

Wasn't this supposed to be SAFE?

If the VAX is so harmless why on earth are one out of every two JABBED women reporting 'hitherto unknown' side effects?

Well according to one "Candace Tingen, a program director with the gynecologic health and disease branch of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development" the answer is - THE QUESTION WAS NEVER ASKED NOR SURVEYED.

"She said, if Covid-19 vaccine trials had asked about menstruation, people would not have been surprised — or frightened — by this unexpected side effect."


Where do we go from here?

I suspect they'll slowly release these facts over a relatively long period of time, when that time comes to an end no one will be around to gripe as 1 out of 2 of the affected people of interest will more than likely be dead.

I got VAX'd for the sake of my elderly parents whom I was living with at the time, I regret it more and more everyday.

[link to www.nbcnews.com (secure)]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 51159401
United States
07/17/2022 02:00 AM
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Re: Newly Released Research Shows The VAX Clots, Period!