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Finland sees return of Russian tourists

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 56525826
07/19/2022 02:57 AM
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Finland sees return of Russian tourists
The end of travel restrictions on the Finnish-Russian border has increased traffic between the countries, but the numbers are far lower than pre-pandemic levels.

Finland removed travel restrictions from the start of July, and Russia followed suit on the 15th. After a slow start, numbers have been on the rise.

According to statistics released on Monday by the Finnish Border Guard, there were around 13,700 crossings at three border posts during the weekend. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of crossings was roughly 20,000 daily.

Interviewed by Finnish broadcasting company YLE, the Head of the Southeast Finland Border Guard District Kimmo Gromoff said that some 80% of those crossing the border were Russians coming to Finland. The main reasons for coming are tourism and shopping at outlets near the border, while some Russians also own summer residences.. Some Finns are also travelling in the opposite direction for cheaper petrol.

For many Russians, Finland is a pit stop en route to Western Europe and holiday destinations.
[link to www.euractiv.com (secure)]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 80076547
07/19/2022 03:00 AM
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Re: Finland sees return of Russian tourists
good good

i hope all the tourists are military aged men