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People of the heart. Towards a generic religion of the heart.

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07/28/2022 04:48 PM

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People of the heart. Towards a generic religion of the heart.
Dear friends,

There has been a profound misunderstanding.

We are not just evolved monkeys.

We are not just a collection of atoms or cells.

We are not just for reproduction of the species.

The materialist psyop has been very successful at narrowing our attention to a material, instinctual world.

We are so much more than that because we are, in essence, ATTENTION. And what we put our attention on eventually becomes reality.

The world is a cooperative matrix of imagination. There are some who want us to bind our attention to a material world and make us worship technology as a savior. They want to manipulate our instinctual power center to serve them.

We must take back and revive the heart from Christianity. We must jettison the dogma. Christ is nothing more than the crossroads of time and eternity. The Christ is the crossroads where the heart is located. The heart marks the spot.

Christianity has become a brand name. The heart branded like a cow hide. The generic version, the true heart, the imaginal heart, the dogma-free heart, is where we must meet. It is where the world will be renewed.

There is too much baggage in Christianity to revive it. It has become too divisive.

Whoever follows the generic religion of the heart will be able to recognize other members of the heart.

It's a matter of attention.

If our attention is in the eyes, we seek light and worship lucifer the light bearer. Science is Lucifer's play thing.

If our attention is in the groin, we are bound to instinctual pursuits. Reproduction.

The difference is the heart is not a reproductive organ, it is a generative organ. The heart generates images of nourishment and renewal.
"We are lived by powers we pretend to understand."