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Subject HERE WE GO AGAIN: Michigan RINO’S Shipping off Ballots to be Counted by Liberal Cities DEEP STATE RINO’S ARE EMPOWERING VOTER FRAUD
Poster Handle KLAUS WEF MOB
Post Content
[link to www.thegatewaypundit.com (secure)]

In Michigan, moderate Republicans have made plans behind closed doors to have the votes from conservative parts of the state counted, instead, by liberal jurisdictions.

America First candidates are sounding the alarm: this is how the NeverTrumpers in both parties are going to keep cheating the vote!

Orion Township in Michigan is a reliably conservative part of the state. It elected one of the most reliably conservative members of the State House, Rep. John Reilly.

So when plans were being made to count the August 2nd primary and November general election night results in Orion Township, the loud RINO Township Treasurer was saying that the Clerk couldn’t find enough volunteers to count the ballots and staff the tabulators.

Orion Township Treasurer Donni Steele urged the township to send their ballots somewhere else to be counted. Steele is running for State Representative and some claim that her actions are suspicious.

When local government ‘reassures’ conservatives that there won’t be election fraud, “trust us” isn’t the most convincing argument after the obviously rigged 2020 election.

DEEP STATE RINO’S ARE EMPOWERING VOTER FRAUD by counting conservative ballots with liberal vote tabulators.

[link to www.thegatewaypundit.com (secure)]
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