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Biometrics and the Mark of the Beast

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United States
03/14/2008 08:28 AM
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Biometrics and the Mark of the Beast
[link to www.prophecyclub.com]

After 9/11 Mark Lerner contacted Viisage, the number one facial recognition company in the world and expressed interest in helping improve our nationís security. He became good friends with the senior people of the biometrics industry and spoke/promoted biometrics and RFID. That is, until June 03 when he discovered many of their claims were lies.

He began to speak out on these errors and expose their true agenda. Congressmen and Legislators thought he was crazy. Because of his in depth knowledge, they began to listen to him. He explained that the real motivation behind the REAL ID act is to enroll all Americans into an international biometric identification system, which will not protect our borders but remove them. It will not reduce identity theft, but rather cause it to increase to pandemic proportions! Without a doubt, RFID and biometrics sow the seeds for the Mark of the Beast.

The risk far outweighs any benefit as the risk will vary from child to child.