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Message Subject Unbelievable. An English court just sentenced a man to 19 years in prison for killing a burglar who broke into his house along with three others.
Poster Handle egads!
Post Content
Waaaaayyy over the top imo
 Quoting: egads!

See we have different laws here. Because the guy went in his own house to confront them it's a different case compared to if he was in his home when they broke in.
We have something called the castle doctrine.
Under the doctrine you can use any type of weapon to defend yourself (but you can't lay traps), your family etc but if you were to step over the threshold of your house then that be becomes a crime as you have pursued them which isn't classed as protecting yourself.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 83820877

ahh, well what if he said he just walked in on them unexpected. Would that have helped him?
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