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Global South Made Gigantic Mistakes Regarding Security; Urgent Correction Needed !

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 83532825
08/06/2022 01:50 AM
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Global South Made Gigantic Mistakes Regarding Security; Urgent Correction Needed !
Researchers say, international organizations, such as UNO, IMF and World Bank, are Tools of the tiny West and among the biggest national security threats in the Global South.

Among the threats to national security are,

1. CIA bases AKA USA embassies (include here embassies of NATO countries)

2. Military Bades

3. So-called infectious diseases Research Centers, owned by Pentagon and strategically located around the world

[link to sun9-88.userapi.com (secure)]

4. Offices of international organizations

5. Western NGOs




Time for Urgent actions !


USA and West can go to hell with their "world order".

Some regions such as Africa can do fine without that sh*t world order, which is supposed to provide security and trade, as they can do fine without trade & security (just acquire nukes or form a military alliance).

Enough with white terrorism for 500 years.

The momentum these days should be exploited to end the USA empire, which is very very easy.

The USD & CIA are the two most critical elements of the empire, and they can be neutralized by taking simple actions:

1. dumping the USD &

2. closing CIA bases AKA USA embassies

In Africa and other regions governments (!), not just activists, are already calling for the closure of all USA/Western sh*t, like embassies, military bases and NGOs.

You can't imagine which gigantic damages the tiny West, not just USA, inflicted on the Global South using UNO-linked regulations and institutions. That sh*t organization needs to be expelled from the Global South ASAP.

Few funny things about the USA world order from 1944/45 European calendar, which Global South peoples are no longer willing to tolerate:

USA's world order = UNO + IMF, World Bank, WTO

That so-called "rules based liberal order" is anti-Global South and Eurocentric

Three permanent members of the UNO security council, namely USA, France & UK, were involved in the assassination of dozens of Global South leaders, still, the three western powers were allowed to keep their seats in that most powerful organ of the USA world order till this day.

[link to www.africanglobe.net (secure)]

That world order gave the Global South among the biggest national security threats, in the form of CIA bases covered as USA embassies and consulates, from where the USA and its Western allies spied on host countries and coordinated many hostile operations.

That world order made large part of the Global South exporters of dirt cheap unprocessed raw materials. Imagine, Global South countries were FORCED by components of the USA world order, such as IMF, to export unprocessed and dirt cheap raw materials.


... The idea for diplomatic immunity must have originated in the USA for the purpose of monitoring other governments and countries, so that they can not pose a threat to the USA empire.

USA and company introduced the UNO "diplomatic immunity" regulation in 1961 European calendar, to enable them to spy on Global South peoples and governments, as they were sure to possess the superior technology necessary for that at the time, that Global South countries lacked. That the regulation or convention was passed in 1961 European calendar, just one year after the African year of decolonization, indicates that, USA viewed Africa as a huge threat to the USA empire, and therefore had a desire to monitor developments in Africa, now that the European colonial powers are no longer in charge. The year 1961 European calendar was also the year USA and its western allies started the so-called development cooperation or development aid. Also, so-called Peace Corps started in that year.