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Poem a Day - Day 2 - The Lonely Moon

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User ID: 82438381
United States
08/07/2022 06:23 PM
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Poem a Day - Day 2 - The Lonely Moon

The Lonely Moon

Once upon a time,
A long time ago,
There was a moon with no sun,
No brightness,
No shine,
No evolution.

Rough around the edges,
Potholes throughout,
No life, no grounding,
Seemed there was no way out.

Then one day,
A meeting took place,
The sun noticed the moon,
And welcomed the dark face.

The Moon told the Sun,
You don’t want me.
I am used to being alone,
Can’t you see,
That is there is no light here,
No light, no greenery?

The sun, you see,
Was also seeking,
Looking in every direction,
With help from the moon.
It could finally see,
its own shining reflection.

An agreement was made,
That the moon’s shade,
Would be no more,
While the sun was paid,
By seeing its own face.
A glory that would never fade.
Quite an escapade…

A world of variety,
Proudly, Free.
The Sun and the Moon,
Danced endlessly,
The time away.

Little did the they know,
That this agreement would spawn,
The birth of the earth,
And the midnight dawn.

The mix of the two,
gave birth to the ocean wave,
The oceans created,
A cycle to crave.
The initial spark,
Would certainly pave.
A way.

A way for the first small ripple,
To grow and become,
More than a dimple,
But a wave that formed the sand.
By the combination,
Of the sun and moons hand...

The land and the fauna,
Along with a cool breeze,
Was all that was needed,
To build the canopies.
To protect the beasts,
The flowers and the bees.

The pull of the moon,
The light of the sun
Gave life a chance,
For evolution.
Humans would come,
To find happiness and fun.

To evolve and to live,
To drink and to dance.
What better things are there?
When we learned to stand.

A world of variety,
Proudly, Free.
The Sun and the Moon,
Dances endlessly,
The time away.

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Blessed are the Peacemakers.

“The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.“

2 Corinthians 10:4

“No matter how many arrows are shot into the sky,
Angels still fly.”