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Message Subject Videogaming the Spy 'Game': Is It Cool or Totally Stupidly Asinine?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So yeah console gamers, I dont really have too much respect for, but Game A can maybe get them to pursue PC games, like Game B.

Game B is so very simple. In scaled out spygame, I as "leader" need to create spies, as such. I allocate "Leadership" points to this task, taking points away from other research. Spies = Research is the idea to get here.

So, then as assets like a radar station or whatnot, a spy then awaits their mission. In the game, it is war that the game is built around. Thus, at the outset of the game, I max my national spies with "Counterintelligence" as their mission. The game then reports "X number of spies captured" and this number rises due to my allocation of funds to building more spies, if my spies die in the spy game.

Then, once I have maxed my nation spies (ten is the maximum for example in HOI), then I send the maximum spies to my target nation, say America.

If I start in 1936 as Japan, for example, influencing the USA toward fascism, I can cause a fascist government in the USA by 1940, typically. Now, this is all math inside the game itself, but, such conversations among game folk like me, can if analyzed, show how scripted actual history is. To say it another way, one spy is worth an entire battalion, in my estimation.
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