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Message Subject Videogaming the Spy 'Game': Is It Cool or Totally Stupidly Asinine?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sp, Ian Fleming basically made up "James Bond"

And it's kinda fake in the same way "Playboy" magazine was always fake.

So when they change James Bond to a black dude and change Playboy to trans and wacko shit, well, we always suspected the original product anyway, right?

Funny thing tho, is like I suggest "One spy to me, as leader, if they are loyal and skilled, is like 1000 soldiers" as I said above

Well, what does it take to control James Bond? As I mentioned, he is fiction, but spies as such, are not. And, wages, are paid in such things as, silence, gold, and death.

Now also one must consider "What is this game telling me, in terms of the "Spy Force" I cannot select?" That is to ask "What spying nations are not in this game?" ...Example of this would be "Endwar" by ubisoft where somehow world war three does not involve China or Asia. And the game itself is made, in Asia.

[punitive capcha taxis: fuck yourselves]
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