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The Fight

Gone Fishing!

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United States
08/19/2022 09:16 PM

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The Fight
MarlinThe Fight
{Aug, 19th. 2022}

This Is A True Story:

I was speaking the-other-day with a retired
Coast Guard officer with 20+ years experience.
Now he is a full-time deputy sheriff.
To me, the difference between a Sheriff's Department
And a Police Department can be profound.
It's all about the attitude.
Sheriff's rescue -and- arrest people.
Police arrest people and ?
Okay...ha,ha, just kidding cops, we love you.
[Deputies aren't cops by my definition, they're deputies.]
[It's different.]

Back to the story...So, I'm speaking with this deputy.
We're talking about electric bikes.
I was curios if he'd be willing to share a little of his
wisdom/experience with me if I moved the conversation in
That direction.....
Across the Pacific......All-the-way to........
Because that's a long-haul folks!
And it requires ships, lot's and lot's of cargo ships.
Guess what?
Remember that Covid Supply Chain Shortage thing that causes
There is no new cargo coming to the USA from China.
Nor has there been any for a few months now.
What we have stacked-up on our docks in Long Beach
That's about it from China.
What we got, that's it.
There's no more coming, for a long, long, time.
Get used to it.
("What's that you say? You have not heard this on the news?")
Biden would have told you by-now?
Pete Buttigeg....Our Transportation Secretary
Has been on Maternity Leave for many months now.
Apparently he wears artificial breasts, to raise his child.
And that takes Dad and baby-time.
We all know that.
Shame on you, I know what you are thinking.

So, we have a Supply Chain Issue which is CLEARLY
A National Emergency RED ALERT!
And right now, the Transportation Secretary of
The United States of America
Is a mission critical important job.
We are facing a real nightmare....COMING SOON TO A TOWN

What advice do I get out of this Coastie Deputy?
That's it!
That is KEY INTEL I'm sharing with GLP.
This is the only place I post anything
This is the only place where I swim!

Get ready for PART II
Coming Real Soon
[It gets better]
MarlinPirate 1flag pirate ii