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NASA's Discoveries About Mars?

Wretch Fossil
Wretch Fossil

User ID: 79857542
08/25/2022 08:44 PM
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NASA's Discoveries About Mars?
"Four papers published in Science today discuss the discoveries made so far by Perseverance"
NASA's press release:
[link to mars.nasa.gov (secure)]

My claim: 1. fossils and artifacts found by Perseverance rover: [link to www.flickr.com (secure)]

Added on Aug. 26: Correct discoveries?
Geological instruments cannot tell the difference between rocks and artifacts. Neither can geological instruments tell the difference between rocks and fossils. As a result, geologists can mistake artifacts/fossils for rocks.

Two examples: 1. [link to www.flickr.com (secure)]
2. Thread: Humans Constructed “Basalt Columns” on Earth and on Mars.

Added on Aug. 27, 2022: More reasons for the question

Geologists do not try to understnd the structures of cells, tissues (anatomy in biology). As a result, they may mistake fossils for rocks.

Furthermore, they may reject other opinions like blind men groping elephants and selling their falsehood.

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