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My Best Posts

Wretch Fossil
Wretch Fossil

User ID: 82987315
08/28/2022 07:17 AM
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My Best Posts
The following are my best posts up to Oct. 31, 2021: (Note: (GLP does not allow me to post the links to the following posts. To find the contents of these posts, google the titles of these posts to find the posts in my website at google's Nope)

God's story

Serious Warning: Nations Will Fall From Mars One, etc.

The Only Way to Save Mankind
Life from No Life Is a Myth.

NASA Mistakes Murchison Meteorite as Non-Martian.

Fossils Don't Disappear in Lava

Numerous remains of wood cells on Mars

God and Devils Are Monitoring You.

Many Artifacts and Fossils Mistaken for Rocks

Numerous Apparent Fossils Found in Meteorites

These Photos Will Awaken You:

Photo Album of Wooden Products on Mars

Ten Lines of Evidence for Past Life on Mars

Man-Made Tessellated Pavement in Tasmania

Human Evolution Debunked

Humans Constructed “Basalt Columns” on Earth and on Mars.

Prehistoric Man-Made Cylindrical Columns at Crowley Lake, California

Cause and Cure for Chronic Diseases

Most Asteroids and Most Meteorites Originated from Mars.

Moon Hoax and Misunderstood Mars

Fossilized Neurons Found in Meteorites

The Purpose of Human Life

Huge, Serious Problems Regarding Meteorites

Numerous False Beliefs in Science

Cyanobacteria Formed Ooids All Over Mars.

NASA Searches for Life on Mars in the Wrong Way.

Theory of Evolution Falsified

Artifacts Mistaken for Sandstone Concretions

A Cross Standing on Mount Sharp of Mars

Numerous Organics, Fossils, and Artifacts on Mars

The Reason Why God Didn't Speak to You

Microbes Formed Ooids on Mars (Main Points).

Martian Ooids All Over These Photos

Why Seeds of Life Did Not Come from Space

Scientists Can’t Recognize Oolite on Mars.

Abiogenesis Never Happened.

No Need for Sample Return from Mars

Comet 67P Contains Numerous Macromolecules, Fossil Cells and Tissues.

Misconceptions of the Century

Numerous Martian Microbes Produced Numerous Ooids.

Numerous on Mars: Artificial Stone, Concrete, Ooids, Blood Vessels...

Putative Martian Microbes Formed Plentiful Ooids on Mars.

Numerous Concrete Blocks Mistaken for Rocks

A Curving Corrugated Sheet Found on Mars

Comet 67P Falsifies Many Mainstream Theories.

How First Humans Were Formed

Ten Artifacts Found on Comet 67P
Comet 67P Originated from Mars.

Could Concrete Be Preserved on Mars for Billions of Years?

Numerous Blood Vessel Remains Found in Garden City, Mars

Prehistoric High-Tech Columns Found All Over the World

Scientists Are Wasting Billions to Prove Evolution.

Obvious Artifacts Debunk Evolution

USA Is Playing with Fire in Area 51.

Our Past Life on Mars

Epithelia Found in Martian Meteorite

Archaeologists Mistook Numerous Concrete Objects for Natural Rocks.

Man Co-existed with Dinosaurs Between 300 Million and 18,000 Years Ago.

Reincarnation Invalidates Racism, Religions, Nationalism, etc.

Who Are Wrong, Ghost Communicators or Evolutionists?

A human leg bone fossil of 300 mya

Most meteorites contain ET fossils.

Structures of Skeletal Muscle Fibers Found in Meteorite NWA 998

Structures of Epithelia Found in Martian Lafayette Meteorite (Re-edited)

Underwater Civilizations in the Past

Obvious Skull "from our Moon”

Theory of Evolution Is Falsified by Fossils in Meteorites.

Scientific Myths: Meteorites Jump-started Life on Earth and Killed Dinosaurs

NASA Has Martian Skull, No Need For Sample Return.

Moon Hoax Proven Beyond Doubt

Past Life Is Found Across Universe.

God is against any religion, period.

Censored: Past life is all over the cosmos

Here is Final Judgment.

Mars produced asteroid belt and meteorites.

Lead cure high blood pressure forever.

Human Origin

Anthracite contains RBC's of a Carboniferous mammal.

Dinosaurs had red blood cells of mammals

A study on a Carboniferous human calvarium fossil

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