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What Will Be The Real World Consequences Of Europe's Coming Energy Crisis?

Templar Knight
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United States
08/29/2022 06:03 AM
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What Will Be The Real World Consequences Of Europe's Coming Energy Crisis?
A very sobering article on the energy disaster forming across Europe.

Anyone with any sense could have seen it coming – Europe is on the precipice of an economic and social crisis not seen since World War II; and they basically did it to themselves. Ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent NATO sanctions, the talking heads in the mainstream media have consistently fed the public an endless narrative on how the EU doesn't need Russian natural gas.

We've heard an array of theories and chest beating from corporate journalists and lying politicians; all of them sounding so certain that Russia would be isolated and economically destroyed within no time. This has not happened, and now the reverse might soon be true for the EU and the UK.

More at the link: [link to www.zerohedge.com (secure)]
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