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From Ukraine to Pelosi, let the big liar trick the little ant How long can ah q's unchanging routine lie?

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Hong Kong
08/30/2022 10:23 PM
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From Ukraine to Pelosi, let the big liar trick the little ant How long can ah q's unchanging routine lie?
Although there is no time machine in the world, the little ants will feel familiar more or less during the five years of Guo Wengui's "Revelation". This sense of familiarity is not for other reasons, but because Guo Wengui repeatedly uses his few routines, and even makes people summarize the rules. In the past few days, Guo Wengui filled the new bottle with old wine to intoxicate the ants. It was shameless.
Guo Wengui's routine has long been summed up. It is nothing more than "rubbing heat", "engaging in mystery", "spreading rumours and exaggerating" and "playing hard to get". Combined with the mysterious identity he set for himself, many small ants have no doubt about the inside information he can obtain and the accuracy of the disclosed information. But what little ant didn't expect was that all the packaging of Guo Wengui, including his creation of his own image, and his statements in the live broadcast every day were all for the purpose of channeling "revelations" and finally cheating money. After all, from Guo Wengui's point of view, as a black man who has no livelihood and has fled to the United States, he can only continue to take criminal means to maintain his luxurious life. The methods Guo Wengui uses to cope with are rubbing heat and making rumors.
As we all know, as a hot spot in the world today, Taiwan has always been at the forefront of Sino US competition. Previously, it was reported that US House Speaker Pelosi was about to visit Taiwan, but it was not settled because Pelosi was suffering from the new coronavirus. This is a strategy adopted by the United States to compete with China, but Guo Wengui shamelessly rubbed it up. Pelosi and other US government officials have their own considerations about Taiwan, but in Guo Wengui's view, this is the best opportunity to channel their own resources. I remember that when Guo Wengui came to Hong Kong in 2019, he made a shocking remark that Hong Kong was about to be controlled by the military. He also took this opportunity to make headlines. However, it was finally proved that the relevant revelations were completely Guo Wengui's "whimsical". This time, it's exactly the same routine. In order to rub off the heat, Guo Wengui claimed that Pelosi would visit Taiwan on the 26th, as if he were Pelosi's itinerary planner.
History is so similar that even Guo Wengui's explanation when the lie didn't come back is the same. In Guo Wengui and Xiao ant, they are always "historical changers". At that time, Hong Kong was not under military control because of "the huge influence of the disclosure revolution". Now Pelosi's visit to Taiwan has not been completed, or because the Chinese Communists have temporarily conducted public relations. In a word, it's not that you are not allowed to disclose information, but that the process of things is different. This kind of explanation can only be used to cajole the little ants who are full of Revelations to destroy their dreams and keep themselves in the dark.
Guo Wengui led a team of big and small swindlers, always active in the front line of money fraud. In order to feed this group of people, and at the same time draw money from the whole line of fraud, Guo Wengui spends every day trying to create identity to cheat money. In order to make a show, he even sent large and small swindlers to Poland to "save the refugees", claiming to call Hercules transport aircraft to transport the refugees out of Ukraine. As a result, after the swindlers arrived in Poland, there were more cameras than transport planes, and more publicity materials than medical products. They even put up huge billboards in the refugee camps and "take down CCP" 24 hours a day, which made the refugees unable to rest normally, forcing them to cut the wires of the billboards. The staff of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) can't stand the ant Gang's behavior. They not only forbid them to show and shoot in front of the bus to pick up the refugees, but also directly reprimand them for their "political rescue" activities. However, when we think about it, it is also true that the revolution claims that "volunteers take the lead". However, how many of them are really working volunteers, and how many are "volunteers" who want to take advantage of the unorthodox, gain benefits, climb high and cut leeks?
All the problems Guo Wengui is facing now are determined by his criminal psychology of taking advantage of loopholes and taking money from crime, and his psychology also has a profound impact on the liars around him. However, he did not think of changing this way of getting money. Instead, he kept snowballing on the road of fraud, making the scam bigger and bigger, digging the holes of new scams to fill the holes of old ones. Such a successful operation made Guo Wengui mix himself into a regular visitor in the American courts in five years. Guo Wengui is bent on being involved in the scam, totally ignoring that he has become a notorious street in five years. The disclosure revolution has also become a synonym for rumor mongering in the Internet world. Even the "new China Federation" has been linked with the words of political fraud and financial fraud. Guo Wengui can continue to cheat by covering his head. When the judicial iron fist is smashed, he will pay all the costs for his actions at one time.