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The SHILLS have obviously arrived to this forum. Act accordingly.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 81597136
09/10/2022 06:07 PM
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Re: The SHILLS have obviously arrived to this forum. Act accordingly.
The WEF recently announced they were hiring 110,000 "internet disinfo agents"

Looking around it is pretty clear to me that they have arrived. Lots of obvious pro narrative shit, thread detailing tactics, all the usual shill behavior. They are pretty easy to spot with their hive mind nonsense.

Think please.

Don't PIN stupid shill threads please.

Watch out for thread detailing tactics and avoid engaging it.

Those of us who have developed the intuition to smell bullshit should give everything a proper sniff and beware that which doesn't pass the smell test. Check via INDEPENDENT research before you believe anything on here. Expect shills posting fake shill news from fake shill Twitter accounts to try to steer the narrative, as they have literally announced that they will be doing that.

Don't be a Moran fellas and ladies, use your Brian.

- Doc

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