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Sci fi/noir/horror/dark comedy film idea

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 81828200
United States
09/17/2022 02:52 PM
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Sci fi/noir/horror/dark comedy film idea
An unlikely blue collar hero who repeats a fatal mistake that he made every single day in a time loop.

The first day, he instigates a bar fight that leads to a family feud which inadvertently kills him.

The second day, he repeats similar mistakes that leads to the death of his fiancé.

The third day, he tries to correct those mistakes but he ends up triggering another dispute that accidentally kills his mother.

Which each passing days, he tries to correct some aspects of his day to day life in order to save family, friends, family friends or himself from….. well, himself.

This is a darkly comedic sci-fi thriller with elements of horror and noir. Think of it as The Butterfly Effect meets Happy Death Day, I guess.