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glp and "Russia today" declare open war on me

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User ID: 84235198
09/22/2022 04:41 PM
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glp and "Russia today" declare open war on me
today, the moment i cured myself from the spiritual/mental damage and corruption that my enemies keep causing to me to have with the harm they keep doing to me, my enemies declared war one me to damage me again

i opened "Russia today Arabic" to find that it now say that Russia has devolved an AI that will assault people privacy by monitoring them to identify what my enemies call "mental illness" in these people

of-course this mental illness is mostly nothing but the normal characteristics/responses/traits/mentality/emotions of their enemies -people like me- and/or demonic possession that can be cured using magic only not with the bullshit psychology and/or the mental-damage that they keep causing to their enemies, by the harm that they keep doing to them

then the AI will send messages to these people against their will, that will insult them, defame them and damage their sanity/confidence, by accusing them and convincing them that they are mentally-ill, so they can be sent to be psychologically evaluated and treated and pay their money to the psychologist scammers of their enemies

and such accusations can be even fare more dangerous in Islamic countries like Egypt, because the people who are accused/labeled with being mentally ill there are treated legally/socially like infants, they have no right to own sexual-manhood, honor/dignity/respect, job, money or anything

[link to arabic.rt.com (secure)]

then i opened glp to find that motherfuckin glp is also declaring open war against me by stating that people like me who are accused/labeled by the liberal bullshit psychology and by their religious-liberal families/societies/governments/nighpwoers with being mentally-ill, must be sent to be imprisoned in mental asylums, so my money/proprieties can be taken by them and so they eliminate ant danger i may pose on them, because this is what used to happen to people like me in the past, but democrats stopped this because they are pedo and evil
Thread: Bring Back Insane Asylums?

this was response from my enemies to this thread that i post earlier in glp
Thread: fuck google, their ads system are used by my enemies to psychologically attack me

but who is behind this war? can they dare to say?
if the ones behind this war are so tough as they claim, why they keep cowardly hiding their real identity/ideology from me?
despite that they rule the world with their laws/policies/psychology/media/religions/money/technology/mag​ic/supporters, but they are still to cowardice to state their true identity/ideology to me openly

whom glp represent now? dose glp represent republicans? or only trumpers/MAGA?
this site was good site about occult and truth that used to help me, until few years ago when it become a political gathering for my enemies and also their psychological attack platform
it is hard to believe that glp represent republicans, what i know about republicans is that they are the direct opposite of glp
for example real republicans are chauvinists who support pre-18 marriage, while glp are radical feminist and the mortal enemies of pre-18 marriage, they are actually medically-obsessed with accusing anyone/anything that they do not like, with being pedo(desire pre-18 girls)

and whom "Arabic RT" site represent? Russia or whom?
this site was with on my side against my enemies like al-sisi, until late 2018 when al-sisi's system start criticizing the site and when al-sisi has sent his son to work in Russia, then the site become part of the hive of my enemies, that keep reading my thought and psychologically attack it

the sure thing is that the ones that Arabic RT and glp now represent will be destroyed forever
if it was Putin and his system, then they all are already destroyed forever
if it was trump, or republicans or even all America, then they all are already destroyed forever
if it was Allah, Muslims or the Muslim brotherhood, then they all are already destroyed forever
if it was masons, the Illuminati, some air cult, or some liberal secret-organization, then they all are already destroyed forever
if it was air and/or fire signs, then they all are already destroyed forever
if it was some AI who dominate the world, then it is already destroyed forever
if it was feminism or some feminist hive, then it is already destroyed forever

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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 84239176
United States
09/22/2022 04:45 PM
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Re: glp and "Russia today" declare open war on me
Is her affected too OP?
User ID: 72594727
United States
09/22/2022 05:09 PM
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Re: glp and "Russia today" declare open war on me
Do you hear that OP?

V2K voices are now filling your head.

There is no mute button.