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putin explained thru the bible prophecy...

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United States
09/27/2022 07:45 PM
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putin explained thru the bible prophecy...
on his thigh is written GOD of gods, LORD of lords...he is a christian who controls the pricing on the state owned power of siberia energy project, where they are just rolling up their sleeves(the thigh is the biggest muscle in the body) and getting the energy out of the ground...

he knows that a fair price guarantees peace and prosperity in the global neighborhood as opposed to the destabilization, death and destruction that the manipulated price brings..he has contracted in to all the asian countries, india, and australia and now is offering the price to the ukraine..

what is confusing matters to the unbiased observer is the residue of gangbanging oil that came out of the euroside of russia(the oilygarchs) that took off with the part of the russian energy wealth thru fixed auctions and enjoined themselves to the price manipulation that the western multinationals and opec have burdened the world with sione they set up the one price whorehouse in london in 1980 otherwise know as the new world order which is as we've come to learn is actually moneymaking disorder...and we thank you for your support