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lets do some detail on the death of george patton..oss intel thru czeckoslovakia..ivana trump...

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10/01/2022 06:06 PM
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lets do some detail on the death of george patton..oss intel thru czeckoslovakia..ivana trump...
and the mystery whore of babylon9miltary petroleum intel complex)..

george patton was a tank commamnder and tanks use a lot of fuel..he realized after ww2 that the oil people could not only start wars but could decide who wins or loses the fight..he wanted to go into the soviet union, not for the reasons that the righties tells which was to deliver the death blow to communism but to rather to get the stalinists out, the regime that gave the great harlot of bible prophecy a sitdown on the caspian sea largesse in exchange for their seats...stalin was an organizer for the sold out caspian sea oil workers while employed by rothschild oil...

that said, we have to go back to the bonus army veterans of ww1 who were promised a dollar a day bonus for every day that they served with the bonus to be handled like a down the pike pension...when the great depression hit the vets wanted their money up front and camped out in washington with their families to get it...herbert hoover was president and his backdrop was employment with standard oil of california when the arabian oil was being contested thru the concession fight with the anglo persian oil co...

that said,hoover tapped a couple of army colonels on the shoulder by the names of douglas maccarthur and george patton sending them to the campsites to clean things up and it involved some death and destruction..

now lets fast forward to traitorous allied generals and ww2 vets with familial links into the bonus army..intel then brokered a plan to lure patton out on a pheasant hunting expedition which led to a t-bone accident involving his staff car and an army truck manned by black marketeers and the offspring of the bonus army..

now, thru intel brokering of an oss special weopon made in czeckoslovakia that shot metal and stone objects, patton was hit in the back to recreate a whiplash injury...after 4 days of hospitalization he hasd his bags packed and was ready to leave so he had to injected which put him down..

we can now link up donald trump and his first wife ivana who was czeck intel with the historical fight between the manipulators of energy prices and the emerging supply and demand pricing that is coming out of the russian far east(the power of siberia)...and we thnak you for your support...