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Russian Doomsday Sub Belgorod Spotted in the Arctic

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United States
10/08/2022 03:14 PM
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Russian Doomsday Sub Belgorod Spotted in the Arctic
A Russian Navy submarine that carries bus-sized nuclear torpedoes was spotted in the Arctic after sparking headlines earlier this week over fears of a nuclear weapons test, according to new photos published on Wednesday. Project 09852 Belgorod was spotted on the surface operating in the Barents Sea, on Sept. 22 and Sept. 27, near the Kola Peninsula, USNI News contributor H I Sutton reported Wednesday for Naval News. On Monday, Italian newspaper La Republica reported that military officials in Europe had warned that the submarine had traveled to the Kara Sea to test its Poseidon torpedoes. Pentagon officials did not provide any specific information on Belgorod’s movement when contacted by USNI News earlier this week. However, a defense official played down the submarine’s recent operations in general.

Based on what I have been reading and assuming its true that Russia is getting its arse kicked in Ukraine it seems that Vlad invested heavy in hyper-sonic missiles and other doomsday toys instead of conventional ground warfare systems. In brief the NATO and USA countermeasures are decent. However, we are USA people who don't think like a Russian, especially like bad Vlad. Actually we have the perfect doomsday storm in the making in Joe and Vlad. Toss in kid rocket-man, XI and the made for TV disco dancers in Iran and were at the precipice for hell to raise. So Vlad and XI meet next week. Actually, Vlad has to be concerned that hes gutting his conventional military in that the PRC "Yellow Man" can go on the march into Russia and annex it if they wanted. Its a possibility. Getting back to that sub now spotted in the Artic. It actually would not be positioned to strike at Ukraine but positioned to either launch into the USA or China or played as a poker chip in this mother of all twists.

One thing for sure is that the party in charge of USA politics are a bunch of crazies and Putin knows that. So does XI. I mean they sheet all over the USA Constitution and people so what does that project to those guys? I mean come on so was Bill back in the day when he was getting smoked while on the job in the West Wing.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 81105631
10/08/2022 03:15 PM
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Re: Russian Doomsday Sub Belgorod Spotted in the Arctic