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willy.beating cancer

Gone Fishing!

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United States
10/09/2022 03:47 PM

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willy.beating cancer
POLL: A Simple Poll - Do you side with Ukraine -or- Russia?
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No, this is not a Thread about cancer...sorry.

willy.beating cancer is a Youtube Channel.

If you truly want to understand what is happening on the ground
in Ukraine
Buckle Up.
I'm telling you, this is serious shit.

I'm posting the video to the interview I am listening to now.
It's a horror story...a gut check...

If you listen to this video for 10 to 15 minutes, you'll understand.

Soldiers fighting for the Ukraine
telling their stories.

I've listened to a couple of different interviews
but this one is something.

I'm only half way through...it's 3hrs.
And I'm captivated for so many reasons.

If you cannot find the time to listen for a few hours
about the reality of war in Ukraine...then I suggest you don't
even begin this journey.

Go on and post your opinions on GLP...
ignorant of the truth...
you believe the propaganda, do you?
Because most of the foreign fighters in Ukraine drank the
Kool-Aid too.

Think about this...before you begin.
Because where this takes you might not be what you expected.
You don't have to do this.
But I'll assure you this
You'll be different when it's over.
And this is only one soldiers story about serving with the
Azov Battalion.

'I Lost Everyone' - Azov Regiment Ukrainian Soldier, TELL ALL Exclusive Interview | Savagery of War