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Message Subject Look at the sun right now
Poster Handle st1d
Post Content
Had a dream a while ago about some huge rocks that seemed like they would pass by the earth, but didn't, and because of the angle, they kind of hung in the sky, pretty much falling in slow motion, till the last few seconds. Now, I keep looking up when I go outside towards night (was dusk, I noticed them because the sun lit them up, but aside from the glow they caused, the rest of the sky was dark, it was mostly night, a very odd, eerie effect).

But I agree, it feels like the sun isn't in the right place, I assumed it was just me. Not sure if it means it isn't just me, but at least there are others out there with the same problem. Or maybe that "black hole" is starting to pull everything out of place now. Or Planet X, or whatever else.
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