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All-out war preparations in Belarus: "5,000 shelters ready - 170 Russian tanks arrived"

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10/17/2022 05:37 PM
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All-out war preparations in Belarus: "5,000 shelters ready - 170 Russian tanks arrived"
"Occupation of Kiev in 4 months" - "


A large concentration of Russian forces is recorded in Belarus, with the country intensively preparing for a generalized war with Ukraine. So far, 170 Russian tanks, 200 armored fighting vehicles and up to 100 artillery systems have arrived.

The staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine admits that there may be an issue of a siege of Kiev depending on the degree of Russian military build-up in Belarus. So far, Minsk has announced that only 9,000 Russian troops will arrive to help the 70,000 Belarusians.

At least 200,000 Army will be required to start the Kiev operation, so we are only at the beginning of Russian force build-up. If Russia wants to get the upper hand in all of Ukraine, it needs to capture Kyiv.

The tactics of the Russian Commander-in-Chief S.Surovikin show that indeed Kyiv will be a target after its inhabitants are first exhausted by cold and other hardships. The final assault on Kyiv is expected to take place in December.

This is also shown by the intensive military preparation in Belarus. The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus gave an interview and talked about 5,000 shelters in the country while giving instructions to citizens.

[link to warnews247-gr.translate.goog (secure)]
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