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Interesting information from a FEMA Seminar

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United States
10/20/2022 09:14 AM
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Interesting information from a FEMA Seminar
In the event of a nuclear attack anywhere in the world even low yield there would most likely be a shut down of all air space for at least 7 days. Projections show a large percentage of the work force would leave or not show up for next shift. Basically life would shut down for a short period until response becomes clear.

It is also for these reasons a nuclear detonation will not be confirmed by government officials or even maybe actively covered up (my words) until all details are clear.

I can go on and on there is a free training seminar at FEMA on this subject.

My take aways are that our government wants nothing to do with any sort of nuclear exchange because they fear their ability to govern ( control ) the public not to mention the economic damage.

With the situation with Russia and Ukraine I would be vigilant but understand also our government has every incentive to prevent a nuclear attack.