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DNA, amino acids, Peptides, Proteins---words, sentences, paragraphs


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10/23/2022 03:53 PM

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DNA, amino acids, Peptides, Proteins---words, sentences, paragraphs
[link to fb.watch (secure)]

"As you watch this video, reflect on the fact that this ~10 atom wide spiraling code is very literally 3D-printing you into being at every moment of every day.
Reflect on the fact that ribosomes and the enzyme RNA polymerase are molecular machines, translating this code into amino acids, peptides, and ultimately proteins, which fold into the 3D geometric shapes which ultimately give them their functions. The proteins DNA codes for are literally 3-dimensional, living, functional geometry.
Reflect on the fact that DNA and genetic translation follows the syntax of language and Zipf’s law of language, using amino acids (letters), peptides (words), and proteins (paragraphs), to speak you into existence; 🧬 you are the ‘Word of God’ (whatever that word means to you)."


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