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Maricopa County, Live Feeds, who's opening the envelopes? 3:30 update, no poll workers? Lunch break?

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11/08/2022 03:09 PM
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Maricopa County, Live Feeds, who's opening the envelopes? 3:30 update, no poll workers? Lunch break?
"If the signature is a match, the ballot proceeds to the Citizens Board who then prepare the unopened ballots for tabulation. The Citizens Boards are made up of two board members of different political party affiliations. They confirm that the County Recorder verified the voter's signature and then they remove the ballot from the envelope, taking special care to ensure the privacy of the voters' ballot. The ballots are then transmitted to the tabulation room." Quote is from...

[link to www.azcleanelections.gov (secure)]

Right now, you can see (at link below) that ALL envelopes are open, prior to being delivered to the Citizens Boards! During the Primaries in AZ, same thing. I was watching the live feeds from [link to recorder.maricopa.gov (secure)]

I noticed at the time, that the two people who sit at each desk (the "Citizens Board") were receiving previously opened envelopes, when they are tasked with opening the envelopes. Per the 2019 Elections Procedures Manual

3. Accepted Early Ballots
If the early ballot was accepted, the early ballot board shall:
1. Verify that all affidavit envelopes are of the batch being processed (and set aside any ballots
from a different batch to be joined/processed with the proper batch);
2. Enter the total on the early ballot report;
3. Open each accepted affidavit envelope, being careful not to damage the ballot or the
affidavit printed on the envelope;

4. Remove the ballot and check to ensure that the ballot is for the current election as shown
on the affidavit envelope;
Page | 71
Early Voting — VI. Processing and Tabulating Early Ballots
5. Place the voted ballot in the designated stack and count the ballots;
6. Place the empty affidavit envelope in the designated stack;
7. Repeat the process until all valid ballots are opened and placed in their appropriate stacks;
8. Fill out the ballot transmittal slip and send ballots to tabulation.

If you go to the live feeds now/today, and watch cameras 1-4, in the "early voting" feeds, you can see that all envelopes are open prior to getting to the desks. There's diddly-squat in the "Vault". So who is opening all the envelopes, and where is the video feed of the envelopes being opened? It would be very easy to replace original ballots with "replacements" prior to being delivered to the desks, given that the envelopes were opened "out of sight".

You can only open four video feeds at a time, then you need to close a feed before you can open another. It's a bit clunky.

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