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Russian Soldiers ‘Smoke Out’ Ukrainian Troops Hiding In Drainpipes

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 79627544
United States
11/15/2022 05:29 PM
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Russian Soldiers ‘Smoke Out’ Ukrainian Troops Hiding In Drainpipes
A video of a fierce battle between the Ukrainian troops and Russian soldiers in the Avdeevka region of Donetsk Oblast in eastern Ukraine has emerged on social media.

The video shows an assault team comprising soldiers from the 2nd battalion of the 1st Slavic Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation pinning down Ukrainian soldiers.

As per the footage reportedly filmed using a drone, the Russian assault team makes its way along the side of a road to the position of the Ukrainian soldiers in the drainpipes under the highway.

Meanwhile, one Ukrainian soldier fires at the Russian troops moving toward his position along the descent down from the roadHowever, as seen in the video, the Russian soldiers surround the drainpipes’ two ends and throw several grenades to neutralize the Ukrainian soldier.

The Ukrainian soldier is forced inside the left drainpipe, and according to Russian media reports, the soldier dies in the blast from a grenade.

[link to eurasiantimes.com (secure)]